Miss Pickup

A new addition to this year’s Bournemouth Air Show was a re-enactment of a WWII rescue by Miss Pickup, a Catalina seaplane that would rescue downed air man.

[pullquote author=”Leicester Aero Club”]On March 30, 1st Lt John V Lapenas and his crew on Catalina ‘Miss Pick Up’ were sent to the aid of P-51 Mustang pilot 1st Lt Dan Meyers who, after his engine failed was stranded in the North Sea. Whilst landing on the rough seas, the Catalina lost an engine and the crews spent six days under enemy attack, adrift at sea in life rafts. They were eventually rescued on April 5.[/pullquote]

As part of the display a Spitfire and Mustang come to the aid of Miss Pickup when she comes under the attention of an unwelcome Messerschmitt.

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